Cleaning Equipment and Materials


Technician cleaning teeth using telescopic loupes

Powered Scalers and Polishers

Magnetostrictive (Summit Hill Laboratories)


Piezoelectric Unit (Acteon Inc.)


Polishing helps to remove plaque and extrinsic stain from the coronal surfaces of teeth. It is accomplished by using either an abrasive agent (pumice or paste) loaded on a rubber polishing cup, or a specially designed, high-powered nozzle that delivers a slurry of water and sodium bicarbonate.

Disposable polishing angle helps to decrease cross contamination


Polishing the tooth with prophy paste


Individual prophy paste packets with disposable polishing angle (3M)


Air-polishing maxillary fourth premolar (Summit Hill Laboratories)


High- and Low-Speed Water-Cooled Delivery Systems

These systems provide the pressurized air necessary to power handpieces and the air-water syringe used to perform many surgical dental procedures.

Midmark Procenter Cabinet Mounted Instrument Delivery Systems


Nitrogen-powered portable delivery system (Nitair CBi)
Ultima 250


Illuminated high-speed water-cooled handpiece


Low-speed handpiece

Accessories for Low-Speed Handpiece