Intraoral Radiography Equipment (x-ray generator, film, processing or digital)

Radiography is one of the most valuable tools available. It will provide you with diagnostic information during the oral assessment and treatment.

Image Vet-70 Plus Dental Radiography Unit (AFP Imaging)


Ceiling mounted AFP's Image-Vet 70 and Dental Focus adjustable table


Radiography unit spanning two operatory tables




Dental film (Kodak)


Proper position of film and tube for exposure of caudal maxillary premolars



Processing is a series of steps that change the exposed film into a radiograph by producing a visible image on the film. Processing can be performed by hand in a darkroom, automatically through a film processor or digitally.

Chair-side darkroom (Kodak)


Containers for water, fixer, developer, rinse (Kodak)


Dental Digital Imaging

Digital imaging has many advantages compared with film systems, including less exposure to radiation, decreased time from exposure to film examination, ease of archiving and the ability to enhance images for greater diagnostic clarity.

Digital sensor (EVA AFP Imaging)


Veterinarian viewing digital image


Sensor and tube placement for exposure of caudal mandibular premolars


Sensor and tube placement for exposure of mandibular incisors


Digital intraoral survey


Enlarged mandibular premolars


"Spot light" highlighting area of interest