Fractured Teeth With No Pulp Exposed

A discolored tooth (pulpitis) occurs from trauma. In most cases, the pulp is dead and should be removed via root canal or the tooth should be extracted.

Discolored tooth (pulpitis)


Craze lines (enamel infraction)

No therapy needed unless x-rays show underlying pathology.

Uncomplicated enamel fracture

Treatment: Restore the tooth with a light cured acrylic resin or a crown.

Uncomplicated crown fracture (near pulp exposure)


  • Young patients with normal x-rays — Perform vital pulp therapy and restore the tooth.
  • Older patient that is a chewer — Restore the tooth with a crown.
  • Older patient that is not a chewer — Periodically recheck the tooth.


Normal appearing films

Treatment: As long as x-rays do not reveal pathology, remove unattached gum tissue. Crown the tooth if necessary.

Crown-root fracture


Mid-root tooth fracture

Root fracture treatment:

  • If the fracture is near the tip of the root, monitor closely. It may heal without therapy.
  • If the fracture is mid-root or near the crown, extract the tooth.