Stage 2: Early Periodontal Disease

Stage 2 periodontal disease is the beginning of tooth support loss. Often gum loss (gingival recession) and/or periodontal pockets are present.

Gingival recession


Periodontal pocket secondary to slab fracture


Recommended Treatment

Periodontal pockets occur when plaque and tartar (calculus) destroy the part of the periodontal ligament's attachment of the tooth to the surrounding bone. Food that is placed in the pocket will accumulate and erode more of the tooth support. Periodontal disease can also occur without a pocket (gum recession).

If there is no pocket, no treatment is necessary other than removal of plaque and tartar. Provide home care as described in Stage 1 periodontal disease.


If pockets are present, they should be eliminated or reduced with an application of Doxirobe.